Bringing Renewable Energy to the Midwest and Beyond since 2009!

Solar Electric System are the easiest and most common type of Solar Electric System utilized on existing homes or buildings.

The systems can be incorporated on all roof types and materials. Our PV systems feature the most efficient modules and inverters.  A system can be sized to meet a wide range of electrical requirements. 

How a Solar Electric System Can Help You

  1. You save money.  Going solar reduces your utility bill, or even eliminates it completely.
  2. The savings start immediately.  You can now save up to 30% on the purchase of your system with new federal tax incentives.
  3. It boosts your home value.  Going solar is one of the few investments that can immediately increase your home's actual value.
  4. It makes dollars and sense.  Solar power reduces our national dependence on foreign fossil fuels.  There is no need to choose between doing the right thing and saving money--you can do both!
  5. Ignore rising  utility rates.  Utility rates will rise as they always do, 5-15% annually, but your savings will increase as rates increase.  Every kilowatt you generate will be saving at the new rate forever.